The unique kitchen install ation assistant

Lifting heavy counter tops costs a lot of energy and we haven’t even mentioned the physical strain for kitchen installers and the danger of counter tops slipping out of people’s hands and being damaged. Tillium puts an end to the problems and dangers of fitting counter tops.

What is Tillium?

Tillium is a machine that has been designed to relieving kitchen installers while they are installing heavy kitchen parts, such as counter tops or built-in appliances. With Tillium a heavy counter top can be installed precisely at the correct height. Besides that, Tillium is perfectly suited for installing cabinets, heavy ovens or fireplaces and Tillium kan also be used as a worktable. Thanks to its wide spectrum of use Tillium has become a big success in Europe. Tillium is durable, practical and it is manufactured in the Netherlands.


 Introduction Tillium-E