Parts Overview

Thanks to the diverse modules the machine has many functions:


The basis of the stability begins with the stand. It is made of high quality steel. Four durable swivel wheels are available in two measurements. The stand is covered with rubber to prevent damage.

Lever Column

The lever column is the core of Tillium. The hydraulic cylinder can be used with a dual acting foot pedal. The lever column can be easily attached to the stand

Granite table

The adjustable granite table is ideal for installing heavy counter tops. With this part, a counter top that weights 550 pound can be easily transported and installed. The granite table can be tilted in two directions. For oblong counter tops there is even the possibility of extending the granite table for optimal support. The counter top is then carried horizontally on four places across its width.


With the aluminium lever heavy built-in appliances such as microwaves, ovens or cooker hoods, but also kitchen cabinets can be installed. The lever can carry a weight of 220 pound and has a reach of 96 inch.


The lever plateau can also be placed on the Tillium without the lever. Tillium functions as an extra workbench that can be vertically adjusted.


For extra stability while installing heavy kitchen parts, you have the option of attaching simple stabilization tubes. This can be necessary in a number of cases to prevent the danger of inbalance. The stabilization tubes offer perfect stability.

Possible Options

The next products are developed on demand of our customers to incrase the flexibility of Tillium.


For further information of mates, weighs and materials download our here brochure.
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