Tillium is ideal for installing counter tops and built-in appliances. Even the heaviest counter tops can easily be installed with the granite table. Thanks to the lever, heavy machines up to a height of 96 inch can easily be installed. Besides that, Tillium is usable as a mobile worktable. The lever plateau can directly be placed on the vertically adjustable column which you can use to create extra work space or a support plateau.

Decreased physical strain

Heavy counter tops are becoming more and more popular. These heavy counter tops give the modern kitchen a wonderful look, but they cause many problems during the installation of the kitchen. The weight of these fragile counter tops is the most important cause of back problems and joing problems in kitchen installers. With Tillium, kitchen installers never have to carry the entire weight of the counter tops again. Tillium’s large wheels ensure that moving counter tops to the location only takes a fraction of the usual effort. Also, Tillium’s height is adjustable so that the counter top can be quickly installed at the right height.

Increased pleasure at work

Besides decreasing physical strain, Tillium increases pleasure at work among kitchen installers because installing counter tops is made easier and quicker. Increased pleasure at work results in greater motivation and productivity among kitchen installers.

Financial benefit

Tillium is also financially beneficial, because with Tillium a kitchen can be installed with more ease and with less people. But the financial benefit is not only achieved by decreased labor time and a smaller number or workers. Tillium is also responsible for a decrease in absenteeism by relieving the user, less chance of damage to costly kitchen parts and a greater labor productivity by increased pleasure at work In short, Tillium is an investment that will be returned many times over.

Perfect size

Tillium is mobile, manoeuvrable and quickly employable. Because of its modular build Tillium is able to be transported compactly. Tillium is only 27 inch wide and can fit easily through any doorway.