Introduction Tillium-E

An introduction to TILLIUM-E

 You’ve probablycome across this before. Your customer has ordered a beautiful natural stone kitchen worktop and you have the job ofinstalling itneatly and undamagedin the clients kitchen. Then the problems start, pulling and pushing, lifting and groaning to get that worktop in the right place. A tough job, with risks for the technicians and the kitchen. There must be - and can be - a much better way! The TILLIUM-E is the latest version of the well knownTillium,the multi-functional assembly unit for various kitchen assembly jobs. The new and innovative TILLIUM-E is very comfortable to use, remote electrically operated and by the application of smart technologyalso reasonably priced. The TILLIUM-E is small, mobile, flexible and strong with a guaranteed lifting capacity up to 250 kg. This TILLIUM-E is ideallydesigned for granite suppliers. By linking two TILLIUM-Esthe lifting capacity can be increased to 500 kg. Two TILLIUM-Es are linked together using four strong tubes and a patch cord.A single command from the remote control unit in the lower position raises the slab to the correct heightand presents it to its final position in one completely synchronized move. TILLIUM-E has been extensively tested by a number of companies, whom we can introduce to you at your request. To serve the TILLIUM-E market worldwide, we believe that the very best specialist companies and personnel in each country should be the TILLIUM-E representatives.We are looking for enthusiastic all round technicians and/or companies specializing in the sale and maintenance of machinery and tools,particularly in the natural stone industry, who would like to be associated withTILLIUM-E. Technicians would, of course, receive full training in assembling and maintaining the TILLIUM-E.TILLIUM-Eispartly assembled and shipped from the Netherlands, following which the final assembly is carried out by the local specialist company, who then ship the fully assembled TILLIUM-E to the customer. This logistic system provides savings, fast delivery anda service relationship with your client. The result is work and revenue for your company.

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Gerrit Ophuis